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God's Eye Nature Weaving Craft

April 04, 2018

Ojo de Dios, or "Eye of God" is an ancient craft dating back hundreds of years. The Huichol Indians believed these weavings would allow their gods to watch over them and protect them from harm. 

Today God's eyes are a popular craft among many different cultures and a fun way for children to learn basic weaving. 

To make your own God's eye you will need:

-2 sticks of similar size and shape

-A variety of brightly colored yarns


1. Begin by making a cross with your sticks. Use the yarn to tie them together, wrapping the yarn around the sticks several times to make an "X". Then tie the yarn in a knot in the back to secure the sticks -->but do not cut the yarn!


2. Once the sticks are secure, you will start weaving from the center, closest to where the sticks meet, and working your way up and out.


3. Begin weaving by looping your yarn around your first stick once, then continuing on to the next stick, each time looping once before moving to the next stick.

4. When you are ready to change colors, simply tie the ends of the different colored yarns together, and continue the pattern. 

5. When you are done weaving, secure the end of the yarn by tying it in a knot on the back of the God's eye. 

This is a great nature-based project for children (or adults!) of all ages. God's eyes are simple to make, yet allow so much space for individual creation and expression through the use of vibrant colors and interesting shapes and patterns. This is a wonderful project to do indoors or outdoors. Enjoy!

This Spring, Welcome New Growth on the Inside and the Outside

March 17, 2018

Mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and loosely translates to "circle" or "center". It is a sacred geometric design that has no beginning and no end. Within this sacred circle, the Mandala has the power to relax you, balance your body's energies, enhance your creativity and support healing. 

These beautiful coloring pages provided by Monday Mandala are for all ages and artistic skill levels (there is no wrong way to color a mandala!). Color them alone in meditation, or with a friend. Use them to relax and have fun, or as a way to balance your body, mind and spirit. 

As we welcome Spring and all of the new beginnings it brings, remember that you are also growing, blooming and becoming. Whether you are coloring your Spring Mandala, or taking a walk in the city or forest, take the time to notice the life and growth that exists- both inside of you and in the world.


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