Through my mission I work to provide and promote programs that encourage people of all ages to strengthen their connection with themselves, with others, and with our earth through the magic of art.  

Charity + Fundraising

Partnering with organizations that help to make the world a better place for all living beings. 


Through charity and fundraising efforts, The Purple Fern supports organizations that promote environmental conservation, animal welfare, art education and healthy child development. 

Click to learn more about the organizations I support through my work, and how you can help.

Community Outreach

Supporting children and families in need in the Portland area

Free community programs give local children and families an opportunity to experience the power of nature-based art and its ability to heal, connect, and uplift. Every time you purchase art supplies from The Purple Fern, you are helping to fund these outreach programs. Profits from sales pay for classes and workshops for those in need.


Promoting nature-based art within the Portland Public School District

Coming Soon!

  • Eco-Art Classroom Curriculum


  • Early Education Workshops


  • In class presentations 


  • Teacher Workshops


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