Moon Phase Mobil


Large stick


Air Dry Clay (white) 

Cookie cutters/sculpting tools

Gem Gravel to decorate (optional) Click HERE to purchase


Using the air dry clay, cut or shape your moon phases.

Decorate (optional) and make a hole at the top of each moon. Lay out on parchment to dry.

Once clay has dried, cut your pieces of twine. Tie one end to your clay moons and the other to your large stick (making sure to line your moon phases up in the proper order!) 


Use a large piece of twine to hang on the wall.  


Moon Nature Crown














Wreath, willow branches or wire

String or hemp cord

Air Dry Clay (white) 

Cookie cutters/sculpting tools

Clear Quartz

Hot glue

Nature items to decorate- flowers, leaves, sticks, etc.


Cut or shape your moon phases out of clay.


Add small holes on each side of your clay moon If you will be attaching your crystal using string or hemp cord.


Your moons can be painted or decorated with dried flowers, gem gravel or other nature items if you wish!

(To purchase our dried flower tins and gem gravel, click HERE)

To make your base (if you are not using a pre-made wreath), shape your wire or willow branches in a circle to fit your child's head. wind and wrap so your circle is secure, you can also use a little hot glue for extra hold. 

Once your clay has dried, you can attach your clear quartz to your clay moon if desired, by threading your string or hemp cord through the holes and securing with a knot or glue on the back of the moon. 

Use your string/hemp cord or hot glue to attach your clay moons, crystals, and nature items to your crown. 

Wear these crowns during a full moon to connect to the divine energy and rhythms of the lunar cycle. 

This idea was inspired by Moon Crowns created by Deer and Fawns (@deerandfawns). 

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