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Bringing The Outdoors In

Welcome to my Blog! I'm Christy, Creator of The Purple Fern and lover of all things Art and Nature. Each month I will be sharing my resources and insights with you on different topics related to Creative Wellness and Nature Art. This will be a collection of projects, inspiration, meditations and seasonal activities designed to encourage children and their families to bond and to develop a deeper connection to the earth through creative expression.

Photo Credit: Steph Gerard

Being out in nature allows us to create without the structure and rules that often inhibit our natural connection to ourselves and to the earth.

But what if you can't get outside?

It's so important to maintain that connection to nature- even (especially) during the darker, colder months. Setting up a creative nature area in your home is easy and allows you and your child(ren) to play and create with nature in any season!

Some tips for setting up an indoor Nature- Based Art space:

  • When designating an area for indoor Nature Art, look for a space with as much natural light as possible. Provide a table and/or floor space to work. I like to use old baking tins or cutting boards as portable work areas that can be easily moved from floor to table.

  • Spend some time collecting items in the warmer months when it’s easy to get out and hike with little ones. If you do any traveling, remember to forage a little before heading home! Treasures from different geographic locations can be fun to work with, especially if there are special memories attached to them.

  • Dry/press/preserve items like flowers and leaves, so you can use them later on in the year.

  • Once you have a good collection of natural items, it’s time to get organized. Baskets, ceramic bowls, egg cartons, pots, glass bottles, jars, and serving trays with different sections all work great for storing nature items. (you can find some great options at your local thrift store!)

Photo Credit: Clare Louise

  • Incorporate art materials like watercolors, dough, yarn, recyclables like cardboard tubes and boxes, whatever your little one(s) might prefer to work with.

  • Arrange your space by combining the Art and Nature materials in a way that provides easy visibility and access, plenty of light, and has a peaceful, relaxed feel. The idea is to create an inviting space that encourages process-based creativity and exploration.

  • Now the fun part: get creative! This can be as simple as providing some pre-selected materials for open ended creative time, or using a theme or project as a guideline for a more specific end result.

Through the magic of Nature-Based Art, children can discover more about who they are, how they see the world, and what they are capable of. Whether it's a small table or an entire room, carving out a space in your home for creative nature play encourages connection to the natural world, and to each other.


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